Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Trip

Dusty had to go and do some work in South Carolina and we were lucky enough to go with him. We had such a good time and the boys were really good the whole time. We flew into Jacksonville Florida and drove up to Charleston. We visited Boone Hall Plantation while Dusty was working and it was pretty neat to see. We also went to the USS Yorktown, Fort Sumpter, historic downtown Charleston, and the South Carolina Aquarium while we were in Charleston. We then drove to Savannah Georgia and went to the boardwalk on the river, and did a bus tour around the historic district in Savannah. Other highlights of the trip that I don't have pictures of include Riley giving the tour guide a heart attack when he went running at a huge mirror while we toured the Boone Hall Home, and Riley yelling "I know" during the flight instructions. All in all we had a great time but it was a lot of work.

Carter was trying to get ahold of the camera and I think the face he makes is so cute. This is at Boone Hall

The USS Yorktown unfortunaltly due to naps we didn't get up on the ship but it is a decomissioned WWII battleship that has been converted into a museum. It was huge!

This is the driveway to the Boone Hall Plantation. For about 1/2 a mile the road is lined with big oak trees that are about 300 years old. It is beautiful and the trees all have Spanish Moss hanging from the limbs.

Dusty ordered crab legs for dinner and in order to keep Riley entertained Dusty had him "help" and he was working really hard.

Another picture at the USS Y0rktown.

On the boardwalk in Savannah. This was a nice relaxing end to the day. It was sunset/night and there was a man playing his trumpet and we just walked along the river. It was a great end to the trip.

Sunset in Savannah.

At the aquarium in South Carolina. The boys were ready for their naps at this point but is was a really fun place to visit.

At the aquarium they had a tiny ship that Riley thought was fun to drive. He thinks he should drive anything that moves.

Downtown Charleston. This is an old alley way that was really cool. It was covered with plants and the old cobblestone pathways. This and the old gas lamps on the houses were the best part of downtown.

Our best attempt at a family picture on the ferry to Fort Sumpter. 30 seconds later Carter grabbed my necklace and broke it. There were beads everywhere and we had to hurry and pick them up so nobody would step on them. Riley thought it was great fun.

Fort Sumpter (where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. This was my favorite stop on our trip. All the brickwork you see is original to the fort which is amazing considering how much it was bombed. They said the bricks were made by the slaves but the walls still standing are only the first of three levels. It took about 7 million bricks to built it. It was amazing!

Fort Sumpter. These are the flags that flew above the fort while it was and active fort.

This is a picture of the house at Boone Hall. Again the bricks were made by the slaves and are at least 200 years old.

These are the slave houses. They are also original to the plantation and had tenent farmers living in them until 1947. They are not very big and were really cool.

Riley on an old antique tractor. He was so dirty in this picture, he didn't have his shoes on and was walking in the dirt and kept throwing it so it was all over his face. Oh well, little boys get dirty.

Us on an open cart that took us on a tour of the entire plantation. The history at this place was crazy and so interesting. They also grow a ton of produce every year and locals come and pick what they want. They grow produce all year round and it grows really fast. Amazing what a warm and wet climate can do for a garden.

Inside a slave cabin, obviously it is the fireplace.

I couldn't get Carter's attention away from the grass but again these are the slave cabins. They have nine altogether.

The Gullah presetation they do at the plantation. This was Sharon and she did a great job. She told a story in Gullah (the language) and taught us a song and it was really fun to watch.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can somebody tell me how to get rid of the blue dots so I can have a cute background? I have been sitting here for awhile trying to figure it out and need some help.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I am terrible about updating this blog but here is the last month in a nutshell. We have been busy with our garden picking our berries, peaches, and zucchini. We got to go to Bear Lake for a family reunion which was so nice. I can't believe that the summer is moving as quickly as it is it seems like it just started. Riley is now two years old as of today and is usually a good kid. He loves to tease and help around the house and play outside in the dirt. We got him a t-ball set for his birthday and he really likes it and enjoys playing in the yard. Carter is finally sitting up which makes him really excited and life a little easier for me because I don't have to pack him around all day. Carter is eating real food but isn't crazy about it yet and is simply a content and happy boy. We are loving our house and neighborhood and are pretty content with life. Here are a few pictures of the boys the last few weeks. They just keep growing!

Riley just celebrated his 2nd birthday but wasn't sure about the candles.

Riley is really good at big cheesy grins.

Carter loves to laugh and smile.

Riley thinks that everything Carter plays with he should play with so they kind of

Riley loves to help Dad use the tools

Before we knew it both hands were in the cake and he loved it

Riley's first birthday and he isn't sure about the hat