Sunday, August 29, 2010


Riley is three years old.

I can't believe he is already three.

What a fun and trying couple of years. We have always said that we were just making it(being parents) up as we went. Once I think I have it figured out, I find out that I don't really know what I am doing. I am still trying to figure it all out. Riley is great and I am so grateful for him. He is so sweet and loving and keeps me on my toes. I wish he sometimes didn't make me feel like such a bad person though. It is kind of sad when your kids are better people than you are. I hope he knows that I am still learning and growing and that someday I will be as good as he is! I love my boys! I hope he had a great birthday and that we continue to grow together everyday!

I feel bad not posting a picture of Carter so here he is!

Riley is proud of his gray truck with the gun on the back.

Riley and Grandpa blowing out their candles. Their birthdays are 10 days apart.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Husband

So, I really miss my husband today. Church is harder without him. Riley and Carter wouldn't sit still for a minute during sacrament meeting which included the finale of Riley opening a pack of fruit snacks that exploded all over the chapel. I did however laugh really hard so I guess it was okay.
We miss him so much. The boys miss having someone to jump on and terrorize. They miss someone to play ball with and chase them around the house. They miss someone who tells the best stories every night while they lay in bed. They miss someone who always seems to be happy and bring the best out in us all.
I miss him. I miss staying up late with him watching a show or laying in bed and talking about whatever comes to mind. I miss the feeling of anticipation every night for the moment when he comes home as we all watch out the window for his car. I miss the laughter and joy he brings me everyday as he teases and laughs with me. I miss snuggling with him at night.
I really miss him and hope he knows how much I love him and am grateful that he works so hard to take care of us. I miss everything about him. He is so good for me in so many ways and I know I wouldn't be the person I am today without him.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Boys

My boys sometimes drive me crazy and sometimes the only thing that get me through the day is the fact that I know they will be going to bed soon. However, I want to brag about my two little boys.

Riley is so sweet. He tries constantly to make me smile or "happy" as he calls it and has a figured out things to accomplish that task. He opens my car door for me, he laughs in my face until I start laughing, and he gives me his killer smile until I can't possibly be mad at him any more. The other night I left their room for a minute while putting them to bed, I came back upstairs and heard Carter crying because I had left and Riley singing "I Am A Child of God" and "Old McDonald" in order to make Carter feel better. And he sometimes comforts Carter after Carter has just gotten into trouble by telling him that everything is okay.

Carter is crazy! (and I mean that in the best possible way.) That kid never stops moving, not even for naps. He loves his older brother and copies practically everything Riley does. He also has a killer smile but usually only shows is off when he is doing something he isn't supposed to, which , lets face it, is most of the time. He loves to tease and is always looking for a chance to tease someone. He has the best laugh and I sometimes do anything I can think of to make him laugh just so I can hear it.

Both my boys play with other children really well and have lots of friends in the neighborhood. They are always dirty and sometimes go through a couple of pairs of clothes a day. In fact, I am pretty sure that dirt is why they have survived this long; it must do them more good than I realize. They are curious about everything and love their dad more than words can describe. All in all, I am pretty lucky. I have good kids who are happy and healthy and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

This picture is just for fun because it is so funny. They love watermelon!

While writing the post I heard them laughing so I went to see what they were doing. This is what I entire box of crackers dumped on the mattress and floor. They thought it was really funny. I don't.

Riley loves to help Dad use the tools

Before we knew it both hands were in the cake and he loved it

Riley's first birthday and he isn't sure about the hat