Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Missing Purse

So last night at 10:15 we realized that we didn't have anymore contact solution, so Dusty asked me to run to the store to pick some up. I went to get my purse from the hook and it wasn't there. I looked all over the house and couldn't find it. I looked in the car and then I came back in to look some more. The more I looked the madder I got because I couldn't find my purse anywhere. By the time Dusty finally got up to help me look I was really mad...really, really mad. I had no idea where that purse was. Dusty asked me, "Did you have some candy or treats in your purse?" Ding! I remembered that I had some cinnamon gum, which is Riley's favorite, and he saw me get him a piece from my purse earlier in the evening. Riley said to me, "Oh, that is where I should have looked for that gum." Fast forward back to 10:20 and I remember seeing this...

...and wondering why the tote was there. So, I ran downstairs and pulled the tote away and this is what I found...

Riley had taken my purse and hid it so that in the future, when he wanted some cinnamon gum, he could get it whenever he wanted. Just thought I would share this funny little story. Have a great day!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Summer

I have figured out why I don't blog very often. Of course there is the fact that nobody reads this, but the biggest reason is that I don't feel like we do anything "blog worthy." Looking back at the pictures, we totally do. We go and do fun things all the time; but when I think about sitting down and writing on the blog, my mind goes blank. I don't write anything inspirational. I rarely write anything touching or really personal. This is just my life. We work in the garden and yard, play/visit with friends, clean the house, go visit with extended family, hang out as a family, and simply enjoy each others company. To many, there is nothing glamorous or exciting about our life. And to be honest, I probably feel that way more often that not but we are happy. I enjoy my life and feel very blessed to have such incredible kids and an amazing husband to go through life with. I am seriously lucky!

Now, on to the pictures...I will explain as I go.

Carter and Riley at the airplane museum in Rexburg. They really enjoyed walking around the hanger looking at all the planes. Riley loves the yellow plane and Carter gravitated to the old truck. They really liked the old fire truck but I didn't post the pictures because I let them sit in it to take a picture...pretty sure I wasn't supposed to do that. :)

Riley turned 4!!! Can't believe this little twerp is already 4 and going to pre-school. He had a cowboy boot cake that was super easy and delicious and yes, Riley was really excited and took a big bite out of the cake before we could cut it.

He is so cute!

Playing at Bear Lake.

Carter's 10 min yoga pose at Bear Lake.

Carter on the carousel during the Payson Onion Days Carnival.

This is literally my favorite picture of the summer. They had so much fun on this ride!

Running in the sprinklers. Love this picture as well!

Carter running through the sprinklers.

We also went camping with Dusty's family and are currently working on potty training Carter (YIKES!)

Happy Fall!

Riley loves to help Dad use the tools

Before we knew it both hands were in the cake and he loved it

Riley's first birthday and he isn't sure about the hat