Saturday, October 23, 2010

So, I have been feeling sorry for myself all day today. Dusty has been working a lot lately. It feels like I haven't seen him all month. While rushing around this morning to get to our primary program practice, Carter threw up on me. Riley doesn't like to listen to me; even on the simplest things. There is always too much to do around the house and money is tight.

But then I start thinking about the funny things that happen throughout the day.
Like when I was once again yelling at Riley for something, and I look over at Carter who is plugging his ears.
Or Riley telling me one of his dramatic stories.
Or Riley holding a pig race in the backyard with an armful of old grass clippings as his pig. All the while running after Carter yelling "Kiss the pig! Kiss the pig!"
Or Carter and all his funny facial expressions-I am pretty sure he only makes them to get out of trouble.
Or Dusty sending me a funny text about fat husbands and tough wives.
Or Dusty staying up and talking to me even though he is too tired to concentrate.
Or Riley asking if we could go to the store to get me some make-up because I didn't put any on that day and I apparently looked really bad.
Or Riley cheating on a game that he was already beating me at even though I wasn't trying to let him win.
Or Carter waking himself up just so he can stick his finger up my nose or make another one of his funny faces and talk to me.
Or Carter giving me multiple kisses before he goes to bed without even being asked.
Or Riley being so proud of himself for opening my car door.
Or Riley putting away his bath toys without being asked-and alway making sure I notice.
Or Dusty sending me a text saying that he misses us.

I think about all these things and suddenly life isn't so bad anymore.

When we went to Cornbelly's Riley discovered the water which was his favorite part. He was completely soaked except for a little spot on his back and in the picture he is trying to get his boot back on.

Playing on the cow train...Carter's favorite part. He has already figured out that if he doesn't want his picture taken he just has to hide. Gee! I wonder where he gets that from.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Blue Jawbreaker

The following pictures are what happens when you give a twenty-month old a jawbreaker the size of his fist.

For the record, he was completely happy, but I did throw the rest of the jawbreaker away.

Riley loves to help Dad use the tools

Before we knew it both hands were in the cake and he loved it

Riley's first birthday and he isn't sure about the hat