Sunday, December 19, 2010

D is for Dinosaur

For school the other day we went to the dinosaur museum at BYU. We brought the neighbors along with us and the kids had so much fun! The museum was really cool and it is totally free which is a huge plus.

Riley thought this was a snake but it is really a shell. They had lots of things that the kids could touch which is really cool.

This was a common expression from Carter throughout the day.

Outside the museum

Sunday, December 5, 2010

C is for Cow

We learned about cows the other day. Cows have four stomachs and eat grass and hay. We already know lots about them so the lesson was rather "relaxed". We did make these awesome cow masks and I even made one for myself. Riley's favorite color is yellow...hence, the yellow cow and Carter went for the more "traditional" look. This was really fun and Riley "scared" Dusty when he came home from work by standing at the door with his mask on. I need to get more prepared for school though...trying to get things ready with the boys trying to help doesn't work out well especially since we had such a rough day that day. (By that I mean constant fighting, crying, and time outs)

They aren't wearing pants because we had been outside and they were soaking wet. I can't bring myself to go through two pairs of pants in one day...

This is the best group portrait using the timer on my camera.

P.S. Thanks to those of you who responded to my last post. I re-read my post and it sounds like a really lame threat so sorry if it came off really rude. I do appreciate the comments and I am glad that you guys read since I read your blogs too! Oh, and you don't really have to comment. I read all of your blogs and rarely comment myself. It is enough for me just knowing that someone reads this thing! Hope you are all having a great holiday season!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Just wondering...

Does anyone actually read my blog? I know that my mom does (thanks mom) but does anyone else? If you don't, that is fine but I don't want to waste my time updating this thing if nobody is reading it. So if you read these updates, please leave a comment because I am might stop blogging.

Riley wouldn't hold still for a picture.

Carter. He sat like this for a good 15 min while eating his donut...not sure what that is about.

Riley loves to help Dad use the tools

Before we knew it both hands were in the cake and he loved it

Riley's first birthday and he isn't sure about the hat