Monday, March 19, 2012

Carter's Birthday

These are pictures of Carter at 1 year old.

Carter is already three and I just wanted to share some pictures of his big day. We ate sandwiches with two pieces of bread and a little bit of butter for dinner. We played outside for the first time this "spring", got balloons from the store, and made his cupcakes together. We also ate cupcakes and he got exactly what he wanted for his present, a guitar.

Please excuse Riley in the background, hadn't gotten his pj's on yet. But, here is Carter rocking out on his guitar. It plays the same two songs over and over and over and over....

Dirty face, cute kid.

Getting ready to blow out the candles.

He wouldn't hold still he was so excited so this one is blurry but he has the biggest smile on his face.

Carter is hell on wheels. He doesn't slow down until at least and hour after he goes to bed. He sneaks out of the house and hides really well. He loves candy, frosting (with no cake), cucumbers, apples, and digging in the garden or any other dirt. He also randomly gives Dusty and I hugs and kisses and has an amazing smile. When he actually falls asleep, he looks like and angel. He weighs 40 lbs, is 3ft 4 inches, and wears 5T clothing. He throws amazing fits but can also be amazingly sweet. Got to love this kid!

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Riley loves to help Dad use the tools

Before we knew it both hands were in the cake and he loved it

Riley's first birthday and he isn't sure about the hat